The Insurtech Leadership Podcast

Staying Committed to Change During the Ups & Downs (w/Bobby Touran, CEO Pathpoint)

June 8, 2021

Meet Bobby Touran, started Pathpoint four years ago and is software talent that has shifted to commercial insurance (excess & surplus lines). Pathpoint is a digital-wholesale brokerage for retail agents to receive bindable quotes instantly. 

Bobby says not having an insurance background is an advantage. He was able to very quickly pull together a sounding board of industry insiders who can supplant that legacy knowledge, but retain the speed of a software company. This gave the team the luxury of how to think about things without any baggage in a 500-year old industry.

It took two years to build the online platform and taking feedback from underwriters and agents, using domain expertise to build the core. The second two years brought in E&S experts who can help sell and ramp up the product.

Bobby sees a future where digital trading of insurance products keeps becoming more the norm. He emphasizes commitment to using the change through, from building relationships and hopping from small win to win over the years and keep building them. He emphasizes stacking the momentum of repeated small wins instead of having all the pieces stalled at an early-stage for years, and identifying the right partners for feedback.

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