The Insurtech Leadership Podcast

How Regulators and Internal Risk Teams Can Test and Verify AI and ML (w/Anthony Habayeb, CEO Monitaur)

July 11, 2022

Anthony Habayeb is founding CEO of Monitaur, an AI governance and ML assurance company.

✅ Monitaur guides enterprises to build and deploy responsible AI and machine learning models that business leaders, regulators and consumers can trust.

✅ Large enterprises don't have good oversight and controls to have enough confidence in AI systems, Monitaur delivers software for internal risk teams to build auditability and enable access to verify machine learning with tangible evidence. 

✅ Monitaur is in an emerging category that opens the black box of AI to audit, evaluating for bias and building standards for large regulated enterprise customers like early-adopter Progressive.

✅ Anthony sees leading indicators of an insurer being "ready" for responsible and ethical AI when they believe in proactive software infrastructure development, and want to build more ethical company governance overall.

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